Our Partners

Over the years, we have partners with many reputable companies while constantly sourcing to form new partnership to provide better solutions for our clients.


AeroGo manufactures innovative load moving equipment, utilizing wheels and hovercraft technology, which move heavy, awkward, or delicate loads in factories. Companies large and small find benefit from their worldwide dealer network, experienced product specialists, and skilled engineers.

AeroGo’s Aero-Pallets™ are designed to move loads up to 40 tons. Because of their unlimited manoeuvrability, Aero-Pallets are especially popular in applications such as lean manufacturing, product testing, manufacturing and component assembly. Aero-Pallets can work alongside or replace forklifts, cranes and conveyors at a fraction of the cost. Optional handles, chocks, throttle controls, and no-load wheels are available.

Dynaron currently is the regional supplier for their Air Caster Rigging System. These lightweight, aluminium air casters have superior lift height to enable insertion moves and overcome floor surface irregularities.


Founded in in 1956. An idea that would later transform the general aviation industry and inspire entire generations of pilots. Appreciated for their small size and weight, the Becker radios soon became the reference in the glider pilot community. With the introduction of radar-based air traffic surveillance, Becker then expanded its portfolio by offering mode A/C and later mode S transponders with the same care for reduced formats.

Becker promise highly robust communication radios, with superior quality and performance, in a light weight and compact design. Designed for both fixed wing and rotary wing applications, their products comply with the 8.33 kHz channel spacing mandate, and offer more integrated functions, less weight and no forced cooling.

Intended for installations as part of integrated avionics systems, their radios can be controlled through dedicated control units, integrated radio tuning units or Flight Management Systems (FMS).

Dynaron being their regional partner, currently supplies Becker’s full range of avionics, ranging from radios and receivers to intercoms and amplifiers.


Created in 1997, GLOBALSYS began developing its activity by creating highly innovative solutions for aircraft ground operations. Specialising in Cordless and Embedded Technologies, they were the first in the world to Establish a wireless vocal communication system, Full Duplex, between an aircraft and ground crew (Ramp operator, mechanics, etc.)

Globalsys continues innovating in this field by designing and producing exclusive technology to integrate a short-distance vocal communication solution within the aircraft itself. Their system, covered by several international patents, makes it possible for ground crew members to communicate with an airplane as soon as it arrives, during taxiing (instead of communicating through gestures , also very common at airports and on air bases).

Their various innovations convinced Airbus in 2002 to choose Globalsys for a collaboration about predevelopment of the future CVIS (Cordless Voice Intercom System), based on our exclusive concepts and patents.

Dynaron being their regional partner, supplies their Aviation Ramp Headsets and Cordless Interphones. With clients such as Singapore Airlines Engineering, praising the quality and functionality of the product.


Founded in 1936 when a branch of AVIA Letňany was built in Kunovice to service AVIA planes. Their focus in recent times, has been modernizing the L 410 UVP-E20 with the aim of increasing its efficiency and economizing its operation. The brand new turboprop commuter, inheriting the best of L 410 family aircraft, offers now improved flight parameters and operational characteristics, modern technologies and advanced avionics.

The all-metal, high-wing twin turboprop commuter in serial production, L 410 UVP-E20 aircraft is powered by two GE H80-200 engines and AV-725 propellers. The aircraft is intended for transport of up to 19 passengers, cargo or for special missions.

The L410 family aircraft are successfully operating in more than 50 countries on five continents; the largest part was shipped to Russia and then to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe. So far, over 1,200 aircraft in the L410 series have been produced.

Dynaron is a proud representative of the product and is currently a supplier of the L410 Model turboprops, receiving great response from various naval coast guards, regional airlines and businessmen.


Mototok was founded in 2003 by Kersten Eckert and his friend and partner Thilo Wiers-Keiser. Today there are Mototoks available for all aircrafts up to 195 tons. These battery-powered industrial tugs provide an all-round view around the aircraft by high technology remote control, and can be operated by a single person.

With the capabilities of towing and pushing any aircraft up to 195 tons, perfectly optimized utilization of space, eco-friendly drive and extremely low maintenance and personnel costs that cause the quickest ROI in the industry, Mototok vehicles are simply the best choice for any kind of towing and pushback operation.

Mototok is the only system, which can perform a turn by 90° with a minimal space requirement by directly turning the nose gear. No long ways for shunting the aircraft – Mototok turns the whole airplane around its center.

Dynaron being their regional partner, is dedicated to selling their wide range of products. Supplying their Twin, Spacer, Helimo and other line of products to aircraft manufacturers, airports, airlines, military, industrial companies and more.


Founded in 1945, Sanyo Machine Works has been at the forefront of developing production technology. Their goal is to create tools that can help increase efficiency and accuracy of work in the production line.

One of these products is the digital torque wrench, designed to accurately measure and test torque of bolts and nuts, ensuring that over or under tightening does not occur. This replaces the need for manual calibration of traditional torque wrenches, saving time and increasing overall accuracy of workmanship in the workshop or production line.

Dynaron is currently the regional supplier for their torque wrenches and other various tools for use in production based work.